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Test: Squid game, complete all the games from your childhood.



Going quieter, further ....? Continue the phrase.
Childs play - one, two, three at the same time shaking his fists. For example, it is common to say - "Tsu-e-fa". On the count of three, all the players point the object with their fingers, what object should not be in this game?
The traditional dice game is the famous dice game. Find which side the cube does not have?
Pins, the task is to hit and shoot down all 13 pins. How many finger holes are there in the ball for convenience and throw?
Hide and seek, you need to hide, and the person who is looking must find you. What is the name of the host - the person who is doing the search?
Playing Elephant, the task is to jump on the guys and hold on to it as much as possible. What is the ultimate goal of the game?
Pouches of Kegs, the famous Lotto game with numbered numbers. Guess what number is not in the lottery?
The famous game in ......, words from the game, "The cat is dead, the tail is bleached. Whoever speaks the word will eat it !? What is this game?"
We place the ships on the sea field, often the game was played on paper. Someone shoots and hits the ship. What is the name of the game in Boats?
The sea is worried once, the Leader says the figure "Dolphin freeze in place *! Who will show better and becomes the Leader, the question is, what will happen if the player starts moving?"
Home » Quiz » Categories » Games » Squid game, complete all the games from your childhood.
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