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Test: The Adventures of Pinocchio



Who did Buratino ask for help for Artemon?
Where did Pinocchio decide to hide five coins when the fox and the cat caught up with him?
Where did Buratino meet with Malvina and the poodle Artemon?
What was the name of the fox that Buratino met on the way home?
Who read this verse? We sit on a hummock, Where flowers grow, Pleasant yellow, Very fragrant. We will live all summer, We are on this hummock, Ah - in solitude, To everyones surprise ...
Who knew the secret of the Golden Key?
What did the organ grinder, old Carlo, buy for Pinocchio?
Where did Buratino meet his friends, Arlecchino, Pierrot?
What item was Pinocchio made of?
The Golden Key, or who wrote the adventures of Pinocchio?
Home » Quiz » Categories » Literature » The Adventures of Pinocchio
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