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Test: Dog family friend, living happiness



What science studies dogs?
What breed is the dog from the movie Hachiko?
How do dogs see?
What a Russian puppy the well-known famous dog was sent as a gift to the wife of US President Kennedy?
Guess who knows in which city the monument to White Bim was erected Black ear
In what very famous Soviet film for children did a song about a dog sound with the words “If the light in the window fades, cats scratch in your soul, who will be able to help you, who will drive the cats away ...”?
The most famous film, starring Jim Carrey, what breed of dog was there, was filmed in the movie "Mask",
What breed of hunting dog has short legs and a long body?
What breed of dog do people consider the most dangerous to life?
What is the largest dog in the world?
Home » Quiz » Categories » Animals » Dog family friend, living happiness
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