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Test: Knowledge of musical instruments



What is the name of the largest bowed stringed musical instrument?
What folk musical instrument in the Tver region is called Brelka and is it made from willow?
What is a forbaum?
Where did the saxophone get its name from?
Fidel or viela is ... an instrument
What wind musical instrument is derived from the hunting signal horn?
With a solo of what or what musical instruments does Burlesque for Piano and Orchestra by Richard Strauss begin?
What musical instrument was designed by the Berlin master Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann in 1821 on the basis of a tuning fork?
Aristide Cavaillé-Coll was the main master of what musical instrument? He became famous for his work in 19th century France.
What is the name of this West African drum?
Home » Quiz » Categories » Music » Knowledge of musical instruments
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