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Test: Melody is life



What is the name of the famous song on the theme of darkness of an unusual color?
In front of what tree is the hero of the perky song "Smuglyanka" in love and embarrassed?
What color flowers should not be given to a young lady, so as not to upset her, if she is aware of 1 fairly familiar song.
Summer is walking along the alleys, The sun is pouring straight from the roofs. (Muslim Magomaev)
Sometimes it seems to me that the soldiers, From the bloody fields did not come. (Mark Bernes)
We are not stokers, we are not carpenters, And there are no bitter regrets. (Nikolai Rybnikov)
Somewhere in the world, Where there is always frost. (Aida Vedischeva)
The ship of this color circles and shakes the hero of one very popular song in Soviet times to the cries of seagulls.
How do they invite a classmate of the hero of a famous song, with which he carries pink roses?
A miracle island from a childrens song, where summer is all year round and, as a result, it is simple and elementary to exist on it.
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