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This User Agreement has been created to regulate rules of the Site Administration with Users.
Our site is located at:

1. General Provisions

1.1. The use of our content, materials and services on this website is governed by and governed by applicable law.

1.2. This user policy, the agreement is a general and public offer. You get free access to the materials of our Site, namely, the User must comply with the rules of the site, you can not steal content, texts, files, photos and materials from the site, without pre-agreed friendly relations.

1.3. The site administration has the right at any time to unilaterally change these terms of this Agreement. Any changes come into force from the moment the new information is published on the Site. If the user does not agree with the rules of the site and the changes, he must and must stop using the Site, stop viewing and using all the materials on our site.

1.4. The online site is a free platform for posting your own information, our own unique content is created, we do not distribute information in the media.

1.5. The Site Administration is in contractual relationship with programmers, designers, authors, whose works of authorship, their information blocks are placed on our portal

1.6. The administration of our resource does not edit and check the published works of authorship and information specified in clause 1.5, and is not responsible for its content. If you have any questions about the content of the site, please email us.

1.7. Using the resources of our site, this information posted on the Resource, Authorized Users and all guests must understand and agree that the Administration is not responsible for the full content of the posted information. Authors, content managers, programmers who posted information have the right to independently edit and update the information they submit, and they are also obliged to protect their interests arising from the information they posted in relations with third parties.

1.8. The administration informs our users and guests of the site that we do not post the following information on the Resource:

- content that is aimed at promoting war;
- incitement of national conflicts;
- racial or religious hatred;
- humiliation or non-compliance with the norms of morality and ethics;
- violating various kinds of rights and protected interests of other persons;
- violence, alcoholism, prostitution, drugs or medications
- other similar information, the dissemination of which is prohibited.

1.9. The site administration has the right to control and, without giving reasons, close and delete any information that may violate the rules posted on the Resource.

1.10. The copyright of each programmer or manager who adds content is respected and protected, and we can also solve any problems related to personal property and non-property rights. We have the right to use texts and photographs, material produced with the consent of the author is allowed by us on our own, if we have discussed all the rights to post content in cases established by law.

1.11. Any user of our resource who assumes that his own rights and legally protected interests may be violated by our site, specified in clause 1.5, have the right to independently file a claim and write to us by mail, describe the essence of the problem, we will definitely contact the author of such information directly and check that this is unique content or not? If We have violated your rights, we will remove the page associated with someone else is material.

2. Subject of the agreement

2.1. The subject of this Agreement is our provision to any User of access to the information contained on this Resource.

2.1.1. Our domain offers each User the following types of services:

- access to each published page of the site, to the navigation elements on the site;
- we also provide the User with the opportunity to add their comments and messages;
- all other types of games, information pages that are created or will be created on the Resource.

2.1.2. At the moment, all existing pages of the site are subject to our User Agreement, as well as all new pages and their updates on the resource.

2.2. All functionality on the site and full access is provided free of charge.

2.3. The current Agreement is a public offer. Any user accessing the site gets free access to the Resource, and each User is automatically considered to have acceded to these rules of this Agreement.

2.4. The use of all materials from the service is governed by all the rules and regulations of the current legislation.

3. Duties and Rights of both parties

3.1. The user on the site has the right:

3.1.1. Freely search for the desired content, receive and distribute information on other Resources, without stealing content, only copying the link and indicating the information from which resource the information was used any information, in a legal way;

3.1.2. Each User has the right to use all the services available on the Resource;

3.1.3. Ask any interested questions related to the services of this Resource.

3.2. The administration has the right:

3.2.1. At its own will and discretion, it is possible to change or create, it is possible to cancel certain Rules for using the Resource;

3.2.2. Unilaterally, at any time, amend or add information to this Agreement;

3.2.3. Restrict full access to the Site of any user in case of violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement.

3.3. Obligations of the User:

3.3.1. Comply with the current property and non-property obligations and rights of all authors and other legal copyright holders when using this Resource.

3.3.2. Do not take illegal actions that may affect and be considered as disrupting the normal operation of the site.

3.3.3. Do not distribute our content without the consent of the management on the site, steal and use our content for your own purposes, any confidential information on our site is protected by the laws of the country, as well as all individuals or legal entities.

3.3.4. Avoid any actions that may violate the confidentiality of information protected by law.

3.3.5. Do not use our Resource for any distribution of all information or content for advertising purposes, only with the prior consent of the Administration.

3.3.6. Do not use our services from the site for the purpose of:

- upload content, write harmful comments that are illegal, violate any rights of third parties;

- any material that promotes bad actions related to violence, cruelty, hatred or any discrimination based on race or nationality, social or gender, religious grounds; if the material contains distorted or inaccurate information, insults to other specific individuals, firms or companies, authorities;

- inducement to commit illegal actions, as well as assistance to persons whose actions are aimed at violating restrictions and prohibitions;

- it is forbidden for users to harm other users, also employees of this site.

3.4. The user is prohibited from:

- use any technological devices, programs, code scripts, various automatic algorithms for hacking, copying and tracking all information on the resource;

- trying to break the current functionality of the resource;

- by any means bypass the current navigation structure of the site, in order to attempt to hack or obtain any information, download documents, photos or videos;

- violate the system and structure of security on the site;

- track information remotely, parse the site, even remotely prohibited;

- it is forbidden to incite any illegal activity on the resource.

4. Other conditions

4.1. All possible incomprehensible situations, disputes, disagreements arising from this Agreement or related to it are subject to mandatory resolution in accordance with current legislation.

4.2. Inaction during a conflict on the part of the Administration in any case if any of the Users violated the provisions of our agreement, the Agreement does not deprive the Administration of the full right to take at any time, or rather later, all the necessary actions to protect their interests and protect the copyrights of our managers and programmers, everything is protected in accordance with the law and all materials on the site.

4.3. All users must know and agree that the information posted by them can be edited or used by search or other automated sites and services.

4.4. The Administration does not guarantee and is not responsible for the discrepancy between your expectations expected by the User, from those services actually received on our resource.

4.5. In the event of any force majeure circumstances on the site, our Administration does not guarantee the safety of all information posted by the User or our managers, and if some blocks on the site do not work, please wait, the information on the site may be updating.

4.6. Russource does not accept new proposals from our User regarding changes to this Agreement.

5. Liability of the parties

5.1. Any loss of content, deleted data that was previously published on the site, as well as due to untimely unauthorized access to prohibited pages on the site, the Administration does not return any material to users that may be contrary to the charter of our agreement.

5.2. The administration is not responsible for: Delays or accidental, temporary failures in the operation of the site that occurred at any moment, possibly due to force majeure, as well as any breakdowns in the Internet, computers, which led to the downtime of the site.

5.3. Reviews and comments, texts of Users posted on the Resource are not property or confidential information, all of them can be used or corrected by the Administration without restrictions.